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Experienced True Compassion and Care

As a professional in the aging field for over 15 years, we’ve been beyond impressed with the care at Trails! My grandparents have lived in their memory care and experienced true compassion and care. Chelsea clearly leads her staff well!! Kudos for standing out in care and service in a difficult time, simply showing up every day for your residents!

Lindsay W.

Express My Appreciation

I now have two family members living at the Trails of Orono and want to express my appreciation for the energy and care that Chelsea, Chris, Cheryl, Rodney, Emma and the rest of the staff provide. They are a genuine and synchronized team paying attention to detail and efficiency., resulting in my families satisfaction of the Trails of Orono.

Margaret G.

If I Could Give More than 5 Stars

If I could give Trails of Orono more than 5 stars, I would. The staff at Trails has done an outstanding job caring for my parents. They have been available and responsive in answering any questions or concerns. Plus the food is excellent.

Craig E.

Wonderful Place, Great Care, and Communication

Trails has been a wonderful place for my aunt. There is great care and communication from staff about my aunts health needs. We love the stability of staffing. There has been no turnover in caregivers and that is very very important for a resident with aphasia.

Family Member, Assisted Living

An Outstanding Community

Trails of Orono is an outstanding community. Your loved one will feel like they have found a home since the staff is beyond compare in terms of their caregiving skills and love for their residents. Trails recreational therapists plan so many engaging activities each day that the residents have lots of opportunities for fun. The activities help residents build a community of friends that almost become like family. Additionally, the food is exceptional, the skilled nursing staff is caring knowledgeable, and the management makes everything run smoothly.

Family Member, Memory Care

The Best in Town

Trails staff are by far the best in town. I’ve been in many senior buildings since I work in the aging field. Trails works so hard in every area with residents and families to make it feel like a home.

Family Member, Memory Care

Level of Compassion and Care is Exceptional

Trails of Orono is a hidden gem. The level of compassion and care is exceptional. Every resident and their family are treated with the utmost respect and empathy, working together to provide a remarkably comfortable and loving environment for our loved ones.

Family Member, Memory Care

I Am So Thankful

I'm so thankful for the wonderful care that my mother receives at Trails O=of Orono. She is happy, active, and doing so well. 

Family Member, Memory Care

Could Not Be More Pleased

My wife's nearly 2 year experience at the Trail was one that we would do over again. We couldn't be more pleased.

Family Member, Assisted Living

Recommend Trails to Friends and Family

Trails cared for my mother for short term stay. They treated her as though she was a long time resident. Staff competent, friendly, and considerate. Special thanks to Chris and Chelsea for making a complicated transfer so smooth. I would recommend Trails to my family and friends anytime.

Lee N.

Exceptional and Compassionate Care

Exceptional care for my grandparents in memory care. Each staff has genuine compassion and you can tell they love their job! They have created a tight community in a small home-like environment of which I don't always see, working in the senior field! I highly recommend Trails to everyone!

Lindsay W.

Ladies and Gents, I just received the best news I have had in years 

[My wife's] A1C is now at 6.6 which is a MAJOR improvement since her arrival at the Trails in March of 2021. I owe a big thank you to the entire staff at the Trails for this accomplishment. I believe every part of her life at the Trails played a role in this improvement, the facility, the food, and the staff's attention to detail. I consider this a victory, which frankly I didn’t think would ever happen. Our thanks to all.  

Jerry R.

Freedom to enjoy this stage of his life

I've experienced many different caregiving situations with my parents over the past twenty years spanning a variety of nursing homes and in-home caregiving agencies. At 95 my father's needs are complex, but not life threatening. He is medically frail, yet mentally sharp. The staff at Ebenezer/Trails of Orono understand what it is to be an elder. They manage the day-to-day caregiving with a level of grace, ease and expertise that has allowed Grandpa Ray the freedom to enjoy this stage in his life, develop new friendships and build on his interests in a way that hadn't been available to him for some time.

The beautiful building and grounds, as well as the competent and friendly staff, make his life more pleasant. State-of-the-art electronic supervision help him feel more independent. Having the doctor, nurse practitioner and other medical services visit him on site has been a relief as I no longer have to take him out when the weather is less than perfect. Over the six months that he has been a resident at Trails of Orono, I've developed confidence and trust in the staff. I've needed to go on with my life knowing he's doing well.

Ruthmary Erdal N.

Thanks for all you do...

and all the staff at Trails; they are fabulous and make it so easy to come in. I would heartily agree with the family member who stated that you feel like you come in and you're wrapped in such loving arms.

Patty H.

What I love most...

about the Trails of Orono is the staff. They are so warm and friendly. So pleasant to deal with - my kids thought so too. The food has been very good. Lots of homemade soups, desserts, breads. And all the favorites I used to cook, only now I have somebody else to do the cooking!

Resident, Trails of Orono

To the wonderful people...

at Trails - from the family of Mel. I don't know what to say but "THANK YOU!" The care and compassion you showed my dad the last month was amazing! He really enjoyed each of you. Every one of you made his last days on this earth so nice! You really showed love in so many ways. I have worked in many care facilities but never have seen this kind of care - you guys are truly the best and you should be very proud of yourselves! Thank you again for all you did for him.

Michelle J.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

to you and all the wonderful staff at Trails. I say thanks for all you did to make Mel's last days good and comfortable. He received great care. It isn't easy to care for those who are dying, but you did it well. Thanks again!

Lisa and Linda

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